Astrological chart showing the positions of the sun, moon, and planets in relation to the signs of the zodiac at a specific time. It is used to analyze the character of individuals born at that time, providing information about the current state of their life and predicting their future. Basic to a horoscope is the belief that each heavenly body has its own character, which is modified according to its relation to other celestial bodies at a given moment. To cast a horoscope, the heavens are divided into 12 zones called houses; these influence such aspects of human life as health, wealth, marriage, friendships, or death.


When you are born, some zodiac sign is on the rise in the Eastern horizon. This becomes your birth sign. At that time the Moon will be transiting over some sign this becomes the moon sign and Sun will be in some sign which becomes the Sun sign. These three signs are of great importance for predictive astrology.




The Indian horoscope represents the zodiacal position of the ascendant and planets at the moment of birth. The chart is a flattened representation of the circular zodiac for easy reading. The zodiacal signs are Mesha/Aries, Vrishabh/Taurus, Mithuna/Gemini, Kataka/Cancer, Simha/Leo, Kanya/Virgo, Tula/Libra, Vrischika/Scorpio, Dhanu/Sagittarius, Makar/Capricorn, Kumbha/Aquarius, Meena/Pisces.

The universality of astrology can be understood by the fact that the above said names mean the same thing. The signs have been classified and grouped as shown in the able below.

Sign Element Sex Number Type Ascension
Aries Fire Male Odd Movable Head rising
Taurus Earth Female Even Fixed Hind rising
Gemini Air Neutral Odd Dual Head rising
Cancer Water Male Even Movable Hind rising
Leo Fire Female Odd Fixed Head Rising
Virgo Earth Neutral Even Dual Head Rising
Libra Air Male Odd Movable Head rising
Scorpio Water Female Even Fixed Hind Rising
Sagittarius Fire Neutral Odd Dual Hind rising
Capricorn Earth Male Even Movable Hind rising
Aquarius Air Female Odd Fixed Head rising
Pisces Water Neutral Even Dual Both ways




planets are also classified in the same manner


Planet Sex Color Caste Stature Part Metal Gem Dik Element
Sun Male Red War Ave Head Copper Ruby East Fire
Moon Female White Bus Short Face Lead Pearl N/E Water
Mars Male Red War Short Arms Copper Coral South Fire
Mercury Neutral Green Bus Tall Neck Brass Emerald North Air
Jupiter Male Yellow Bra Tall Heart Gold Y.sapphire N/East Fire
Venus Female White Br Ave Sex Silver Diamond S/East Air
Saturn Neutral Black Shu Short Thigh Iron B.Sapphire West Earth
Rahu Female Black Mix Tall Knee Stone Garnet S/West Earth
Ketu Neutral Green mix Tall hand Stone Cats eye N/West Fire

TWar = warrior caste, Bus = Businessmen, Bra = priest hood, Shu = menial





Sun Being Centre Will Awareness Life
Moon Soul Feeling Mother Home Security
Mercury Mind Thought Logic Language Idea
Venus Love Charm Art Erotic Harmony
Mars Power Fight Sex Action Desire
Jupiter Ideal Wealth Luck Faith Trust
Saturn Form Duty Death Responsibility Ritual
Uranus Freedom Inspiration Utopia Individuality Change
Neptune Mystic Addiction Dream High Illusion
Pluto Healing Strength Magic Regeneration Helplessness

Rahukalam Chart


According to Vedic astrology, certain parts of the day, called Rahu Kalam, are inauspicious periods and one should not undertake any auspicious work during these periods – especially any new undertaking.

Rahukalam differs from place to place depending on Sun-rise & Sun-set time. The day duration from Sun-rise to Sun-set, at a particular location, is divided into eight equal parts. There is no Rahu Kalam during the first period of any weekday. On Monday it falls on the 2nd period, Saturday 3rd period, Friday 4th period, Wednesday 5th period, Thursday 6th period, Tuesday 7th period & Sunday 8th period.

The following are the details of the Rahukalam (also known as rahukal or rahu kal) periods in in operation during the various week days. This is based on 6:00 AM local Sun-rise time and 6:00PM local Sun-set time. If the Sun-rise and Sun-set times are different, you can take the Day duration, divide it in to 8 equal parts and apply the above given formula.

Since the Raahu Kalam is dependent on the Sun-rise and Sun-set times of your particular location, you must calculate it for each day using the bellow method.
Your local Sun-rise & Sun-set times are usually given in the local news papers.

Raahu Kaalam Calculation

Week day

Example1: Sunrise6:00a.m.Sunset 6:00 p.m.
1/8 of Day = 90 minutes

Example2:Sunrise5:58 a.m.
Sunset 8:14 p.m.
1/8 of Day = 107 minutes

Example3:Sunrise6:36 a.m.
Sunset 6:10 p.m.
1/8 of Day = 87 minutes


4:30p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

6:27p.m. to 8:14 p.m.

4:43p.m. to 6:10 p.m.


7:30a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

7:45a.m. to 9:32 a.m.

8:02a.m. to 9:30 a.m.


3:00p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

4:40to 6:27 p.m.

3:16p.m. to 4:44 p.m.


12noon to 1:30 p.m.

1:06p.m. to 2:53 p.m.

12:23p.m. to 1:50 p.m.


1:30p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

2:53p.m. to 4:40 p.m.

1:49p.m. to 3:17 p.m.


10:30a.m. to 12 noon

11:19a.m. to 1:06 p.m.

10:56p.m. to 12:23 p.m.


9:00a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

9:32a.m. to 11:19 a.m.

9:29a.m. to 10:57 a.m.




Like Rahukalam the following periods known as Yamagandam during which it is considered to be inauspicious to start any important work.





























Moon is related to Your Sex Life

Moon is related to Your Sex Life

‘O my God, You are looking too sexy!’ ‘Yes, She has great sex appeal’ Such comments are quite common particularly about a lot of film actors and actresses. What is sex appeal? It is natural sexual attractiveness which is the natural ability of a person to attract sexual or erotic interests of a person of opposite gender.

The planet Moon has lot to do with the sex appeal of an individual so in this regard the natal Moon reveals such information.

Moon’s Magic in Birth Chart of Film Stars

Astrological analysis is possible only if reliable birth data is available. The charts of some famous Bollywoodstars of recent past such as MeenaKumari, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaj, Dharmendra and Rajesh Khanna, whose birth data is available, reveal the role of Moon in their sexual attractiveness and appeal.

In Meena Kumari’s chart Moon is in Cancer sign and constellation of Jupiter. In Sharmila’s chartMoon is with Jupiter in Virgo sign and Constellation of Sun.

Who is unaware of comely Mumtaj’s sexual charm, in her chart Moon is with Venusin Leo sign and constellation of Venus.

Dharmendra has ruled the Indian cinema with his special X-factor and in his chart Moon is in the constellation of Venus. And lastly the stylish male sex symbol of the golden era Rajesh Khanna has Moon in the sign and constellation of Sun.

Moon’s Astrological Significations

Astrology regards the Moon as a full-fledged planet. And it is the only planet out of the seven which is easily visible in the night sky.

Moon’s mean distance from the Earth is about 385,000 Km. and it circles around the earth in 27 days 7 hours and about 43 minutes.

In Vedic astrology the Moon signifies Mind, Mother, Milk, feelings, emotions, fancies, moods, imagination, left eye, feminine qualities, breasts, stomach, womb, childhood, polite-manners, sensitivity, water, SatvaGuna, romance etc

It is the lord of the Cancer sign and owns three constellations (Nakshatras) namely;

1. Rohini which extends from 100 to 230:20 of Taurus sign
2. Hasta which extends from 100 to 230:20 of Virgo sign
3. Shravan which extends from 100 to 230:20 of Capricorn sign.

The Nature of Moon

In its positive aspects Moon is a sober, polite and cool planet. Moon has enmity only with its North Node viz. Rahu. It considers Sun and Mercury as its best friends and is neutral towards Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.

Moon and Sexual Satisfaction

Position of Moon in a horoscope can reveal a lot about sex appeal and sexual satisfaction of that person. Moon plays important role in this regard. Sexual satisfaction has a lot to do with mental attitude for which Moon is responsible.A well placed and strong Moon free from afflictions is an asset in regard to enjoying a balanced sex life.

Effect of Moon under different Zodiacal Signs on Sexual Attitude and Traits

In a horoscope Moon like any other planet can be either under positive influence or negative influence, depending upon its placement, lordship, conjunction with other planets and good or bad aspects from other planets. Table below indicates some most prominent sexual effects of Moon by placement in different zodiacal signs:

Zodiac Sign Moon under Positive Influence Moon under Negative Influence
ARIES Likes complete surrender of partner in sex Impatient in sex act
TAURUS Sex Appeal and general Attractiveness, likes sex Very selective in sexual matters
GEMINI Easily attracted to opposite sex Lacks self confidence in proposing
CANCER Great sex appeal and Charm Sudden change in mood spoils the game
LEO Charming and bold to propose May think pros and cons and cool it down
VIRGO Charming but modest in approach Many friends of opposite sex
LIBRA Enjoys satisfying sex Chances of being deceived in relations
SCORPIO Very frank and may propose openly Lack of Sexual excitement
SAGGITARIUS No extra marital sex interests Gives impatience in sexual matters
CAPRICORN May take care of own selfish interests only Loose morals
AQUARIUS Sensual, enjoys sex May take even casual affairs very emotionally
PISCES Likes adventurous sex Loose sexual morals

Worshipping Moon

If in your horoscope the Moon is afflicted due to association with malefic planets then you may suffer due to its ill effects. A strong and clear mind helps a person in overcoming many physical problems in life. On the other hand a week or afflicted Moon gives unstable, confused and sorrowful mind. One may suffer from fluctuations in mood, low sex desire and poor sex appeal.

By worshipping the Moon deity one can mitigate the ill effects. The worship (Pooja) for better results needs to be conducted properly. And by getting the Pooja performed in a systematic manner and at some famous hallowed temple carries further benefits.

Horoscope Matching / Kundli Melapak

Horoscope Matching


Astrological compatibility consideration is not only a mere ancestral practice but is a way to get the knowledge regarding the nature, features, love and the social communication features of the people. Unless and until a compatibility is found between the two persons they can’t hold a life-long relationship happily. Since it is a very difficult task to get the accurate knowledge of the person’s nature etc. before a marriage (or a long-term relationship), the proven since of Astrology can definitely help the two lives a great deal.

You would agree that Human Being is the most complex bundle of energy created by God. If you think that you know your mate well enough over a few days/months of courtship sorry you couldn’t have got it more wrong. Even a lifetime is inadequate to size up the twin miracles called ‘Man & Woman’ and in any case we mere mortals are incapable of doing so (many of us have realized this fact the hard way). Only the divine has the clue, so please welcome Vedic Astrology to do all the spade work for you. Get a horoscope matching conducted for your partner and you to test your compatibility levels. This is one of the finest gifts of Indian astrology.


Horoscope matching based on Vedic astrology is undoubtedly the most comprehensive compatibility document possible. This Indian horoscope reading is based on a total point system of 36 points, whereby a minimum of 18 points are required by the couple to establish a workable compatibility. Points below 18 more or less indicate a stressful marriage or relationship. Points above 25 signify ‘good’ compatibility and a subsequent happy marriage. The ‘Big Test’ is conducted on parameters of  Career, Destiny, Progeny, Health, Wealth, Life Longevity, Nature, And Good Fortune. This helps us assess the mental, physical and psychological compatibility of the Groom and Bride.


The higher the score , greater is the magnetic alchemy in the relationship.

The main focus of this astrology reading is also on the harmony between the natal Moons of the two concerned individuals. This reflects the emotional and psychological stability and ability to create a nurturing home environment which forms the basis of a happy marriage. There are mainly eight factors to assess the


compatibility which are mentioned below:


* Spiritual and Mental Compatibility

* Power compatibility

* Birth Star Compatibility

* Sexual compatibility

* Planetary Harmony indicating psychological compatibility

* Natural Compatibility and conjugal harmony

* Moon sign compatibility

* Genetic Compatibility

Introducation of 9 Planets

SUN- The Cosmic Splendour


S – Soul, Self, Status, Spontaneity

U – Unprecedented glory, Upcoming, Upward

N – Noble, Natural, Nourishing

Among all the planets Sun is the only planet who takes the credit of beginning the day. Every morning its innumerable rays in different hues ( sahasranshu), appear in the eastern horizon & dispel the darkness ( Timiromanthay), & slowly envelope the entire sky ( Vyomnathaya), like a king. Sun is known as the ‘King’ in the planetary cabinet.

The Sun is the star at the centre of our Solar system, around which the earth & planets revolve. In Indian astrology Sun is called Surya & represents the soul, kingship, highly placed people, & father. Like a soulful & dutiful father, He is there every day to spread light and warmth, nurturing us throughout & makes the universe move on. The entire living organism on this earth needs Sun’s light & energy for survival.

In Western astrology Sun’s position on a person’s birth-day determines his sun sign. The Sun presents the conscious ego, the self and its expression, personal power, pride, authority, leadership qualities, creativity, spontaneity, health & vitality and the life force. In KALPURUSHkundli Sun rules the 5th house- sign Leo, exalts in sign Aries, & debilitates in Libra. 5th house signifies creativity, progeny, recognition, higher education, speculation. A well placed Sun in a horoscope enhances all these factors in a native’s life.

The Sun is an important factor when considering the health of a person. In medicine sun is associated with heart, head, bones, eyes & circulatory system. Debilitated sun in Libra, when weak, gives poor eye sight, migraine, heart trouble, dental problems, problems in bone structure, high fever, blood pressure, baldness, bone cancer & weak immune system. It rules Vitamin A & D, minerals, iodine & magnesium. A strong Sun in horoscope exemplifies the cosmic wonders.

However, an exalted Sun in the horoscope makes the person an egoist & gives superiority complex, as status, high position, authority, victory, individuality, energy are all Sun’s domain. Lord Rama worshipped this splendid planet before He Set forth for battle with Ravana to get victory. However, to get the positive results from this divinity, one must recite – Surya’s Dwadshnam Strotra regularly-

‘Adityah’ prathamam nam, dwityam tu ‘Diwakarah’

Trityam ‘Bhaskarh’ proktam, chaturtham tu ‘Prabhakarah’,

Panchamam tu ‘Sahasranshu’, Shashtam ‘Trilokyalochana’

Saptamam ‘Haridashvashch’, ashtamam ch ‘Vibhavasuh’

Navamam ‘Dinkarah’ Proktam, dashmam ‘Dwadshatmakhai’,

Ekadasham ‘Triyomurthih’, dwadasham ‘Surya’ Aiv ch.

Akadasham Triyomurti, dwadasham Surya aiv ch

MOON-A Mindful Planet

M – Mother, Mind, Moods

O – Ocean (water), ovaries

O – Optimism, obedience

N – Nurse, Nurture

Moon is the only natural satellite of the planet earth, where a human has set foot upon. The Moon is the second luminary in astrology, the other being the Sun. If Sun is masculine & cruel, karaka of father and the king of planetary cabinet, Moon is feminine, cool & benefic, karaka of mother and the queen of planetary cabinet. Besides the Sun, the Moon is the brightest object in the sky though it radiates because of the light of the Sun & can be very easily seen with the naked eyes.

If Sun is the soulful planet, Moon is the mindful planet in Indian astrology. If Sun’s energy works as a life force, Moon’s cool & benefic temperament maintains the balance & controls the rate of flow of vital energy. Moon is called ‘chandra’ or ‘Soma’ & represents Monday. The famous Vedic verse Purush Sukta describing the Cosmic man, states- ‘Chandrama Manso Jatak’. Moon was born from the mind of the Cosmic man i.e. Kal Purush. Moon is the presiding deity of the element water. The Sun has governance over all those places like temples, mosques, & churches etc. The Moon has her domain in bathrooms, inside & outside the house, over tanks, wells, seas, rivers & any other water bodies

Moon plays a central role; or rather you can say the pivotal role in Indian astrology. As from starting making the horoscope to the prediction, muhurats for all occasions, festivals as well as in Mundane astrology, we follow Moon & take into consideration Moon’s position at that particular time. Moon sign or the sign in which moon is placed at the time of the birth is of utmost importance. Moon sign is neither the Zodiac sign nor the ascendant, which it has been mistaken for. The prediction is done on the basis of the Janam Rasi or the sign in which Moon is placed in the birth chart. The star constellation in which Moon is placed is called Janma Nakshatra.

Moon governs the 4th house of Kalpurush kundali & owns the sign Cancer. Moon exalts at 3 degree Taurus and is in deep debilitation at 3 degree Scorpio. Its mooltrikona sign is Taurus. When the Sun & Moon are in the same rashi, it is called Amavasya. When the Sun & Moon are in the exact opposite signs or 180 degrees apart it is called Purnima or full Moon day. Moon is the fastest moving planet which stays in one sign in two to two & half days, & completes the Zodiac in 28 days.




M- motivation, Movement, Masculinity

A- Action, aggression, Accident, Ambition

R- Rashness, Ruthlessness

S-Strength, Stamina, Sports

Mars as we know is fiery, cruel, masculine, ruling & vigorous planet. Mars is the commander in chief in planetary cabinet, hence is considered a ruling planet and often commands one to stand up & get things done. Mars is called the action planet of zodiac, God of war.

In Indian astrology mars has been given several names like Mangal (auspicious), Angarak (one who is red in color), Bhauma (son of Bhumi and so on. It is considered a malefic of the highest order.

Mars takes nearly two years to complete its orbit in the Zodiac. This fiery & masculine energy rules Aries & Scorpio in the First and Eight house of Kalpurush kundali, exalts in Saturn’s sign Capricorn, debilitates in moon sign Cancer. In a way Mars is the Lord of birth and death, as first house of the Zodiac from where the life begins and the eight house where it ends.

When we talk about its traits, Mars is responsible for building the energy, passion and determination in a person’s life. A strong and well placed Mars in birth chart indicates – a person with surmountable will power to fight the difficulties & enemies of life, courage, lack of fear, initiation to start a venture, control over the own body, aggressiveness, & spiritual warrior, as Mars is known as the protector of the righteous. Mars also presents brothers, technology, technical skills, mathematic, computing, medicine, sports, blood pressure, police, military people, dictators, fire & explosions.

So a benefic Mars in the horoscope can drive the person to climb theMount Everest, or it can produce a good sports person like boxer Mohammed Ali & tennis star Sania Mirza. Mohammed Ali had powerful Mars in 10th house in Aries. Whereas Sania Mirza’s Mars is exalted & posited in Ascendent, bestowing her untiring stamina required for the sport. Mars is like the volcano of vitality inside us which must be released & channeled properly. Otherwise we have the example of negative & ruthlessness of this energy used by Adolf Hitler, which made him the dictator of the highest order. His Mars though strongly posited in 7th house in Aries, was aspected by malefic Ketu, which made his Mars unpredictable with unbounded energy for fighting & violence.

Whereas benefic influence on Mars, aspected by Jupiter, Moon or Venus not only makes an expert fighter, but Venus Moon influence means, fighting would be appreciated for its aesthetic side. Bruce lee became famous for his Kung Fu in movies. So it is the placement of Mars in the horoscope which decides it’s true traits whether good or bad for the person. The conclusion is, if fire of Mars is not there in the natal chart, the native will be a dreamer only, will be lacking the practical initiation & brilliance needed for success.

Cuts, wounds, sore eyes, boils, burns, piles, sores, bone fracture, jaundice, oozing blood, tumours & epilepsy diseases are caused by this planet. To ward off the evil effects & for the blessings of Mars one should worship Pawansut Hanuman, Ganpati & Kartikay. One should donate- copper, wheat, ghee, red cloth, sandal wood, red masoor dal (on Tuesday, within 48 minutes before sunset and recite this mantra-

Om Kraam Kreem Kraum Se Bhomaye namah (10000 times in 20 days).




M- Memory, Message, Money(finance)

E- Eloquence, Expression, Emails

R- Reasoning, Restlessness

C- Curious, childish, Communication

U- Unisex (duality)

R- Research, Rational

Y- Youngish, Youthful

In today’s world of globalization, planet Mercury’s role is very vast as this planet has the credit to connect the people from all over the world through communication, emails, telephones and all kinds of communicative gadgets which are used extensively in day to day life. In Greek Mythology, Mercury is called the ‘Messenger of God’, as this planet really accomplishes this task. It is the karaka of speech, writing, wit, communication and intelligence. In Indian astrology- Mercury Is called Budh- a word related to Budhi (intelligence), which governs Wednesday.

In planetary cabinet, Mercury is prince who is very young and quick witted, restless, curious and childish. It is neither masculine nor a feminine energy, and assumes the gender of the sign it is in. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun and it takes about 28 days to complete its orbit of the Sun. Because of its dual nature it rules Gemini and Virgo signs, exalts in its own sign- Virgo and debilitates in Pisces. In kalpurush kundali Mercury governs 3rd house (writing, speaking, siblings) and 6th house (diseases, debt, enemies, maternal uncle).

Well, in spite of its immaturity, Mercury is an intelligent, thoughtful and social planet. It is intelligent because Mercury is the restless mind of Virgo, always gathering information, analyzing, and making connections. It determines how we make sense of our world, formulate ideas and share them with others. Our speech pattern, communication style, sense of humor, quickness of thought- all these depend on the placement of Mercury.

What we habitually say in our heads, we usually end up saying with our lips which ultimately direct our feet’. Such is the power of our thinking. Well placed mercury is often seen in the horoscopes of writers, astrologers, engineers, mathematicians, chartered accountant businessman. A Mercurian charms the people around him with playfulness, enthusiasm, independent thinking and smooth talkativeness. The person who has proficiency in multiple languages is the result of the strong position of mercury in the horoscope.

Mercury rules over arms, speaking and hearing skills. Hence salesman, sculptor, artists, lecturers are also the result of well placed Mercury. In medical astrology Mercury is associated with the nervous system, the brain, respiratory system, thyroid, and sense organs. Malefic Mercury gives the disorder in brain and vocal organs, mental diseases, nervous breakdown, excessive sweating, piles, white leprosy, liver and intestinal problems. Wavering mind, trickery, deceit, non- commitment, impatient, manipulative, impractical and dual personality are also the results of poor Mercury in the horoscope.

However, to get the best results of this planet when afflicted, one must donate- green cloth, whole moong, camphor, ivory on Wednesday within two hours before sunset. Cows should be fed with Green fodder on this day. One must recite this mantra-Om bram breem braum se budhaye namah. (19000 times in 21 days)


Jupiter-The Lord Of Fortune

J- Judicious, joy

U- Upliftment

P- Priest, Progeny, Profit, Personal Growth

I- Income, intellectual, incarnation

T- Teacher, truthfulness

E- Expansion, elevation

R- Religious, righteous

Jupiter is the largest planet of Solar system and karaka of all the attributes listed above. Jupiter is highly benefic, auspicious, devotional planet and is often called the planet of fortune, the Guru of God. He is the significator (karaka) of prosperity, marriage, progeny and for all good things in life as well. People take sigh of relief when they come to know that they are under the influence of dasha of Jupiter. If Sun & Moon are like the King and Queen of the Royal family, Mercury the Prince, Mars the Commander In Chief, Venus for all the luxuries, Saturn for all the subordinates, Jupiter is the Priest – who is divine, true & sattavik by nature. Jupiter in Sanskrit is known as Brahaspati or GURU and GURU holds a prime importance in anyone’s life, sometimes more than mother & father.



In Kalapurush Kundli, Jupiter is the Lord of 9th (Bhagyasthan) & 12th(vyayasthan) houses. It aspects 5th, 7th, & 9th houses. His aspect is more benefic than His placement, wherever His aspect goes, those houses flourish & expand. For ex if Jupiter is placed in 9th house, 1st, 3rd, & 5th houses. For example, wherever a horoscope gets aspects of Jupiter, it become auspicious.

There is always a feel good factor with this Planet. A true Jupitarian ( in whose horoscope Jupiter is well placed without any malefic influence) is not only blessed with a certain kind of aura & a divine spark in his personality, but if there are any doshas in his horoscope , they also get cancelled and the native leads a smooth & happy life.

Jupiter represents the drive for insight on an intellectual, philosophical, & religious level. Jupiter is said to bring great good fortune, & his influence is to expand the effect of everything that come into contact with it. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit the Sun, He spends almost one year in each sign. Therefore, his influence is very important & more inclined to the collective rather than personal.

However, in today’s fast life where Mercury’ s gifts- communication gadgets are plenty, Venus blooms with all its materialistic comforts, Mars and Saturn’s energy heat up the environment with all their machines & atomic bombs, there is urgent call for Jupiter’s calm & peaceful bliss. Jupiter’s domain – spiritualism, yoga, meditation, all are required to maintain the balance in the universe. So let us pray to ‘GURU of GODS’ to bestow on each one of us His Divine blessings, in order to restore our mental peace & concentration for the betterment of our survival.




V- Vibrations, Vanity, Vehicles, Venereal

E- Ease, Emotions, Entertainment

N- Nuptial ( marriage)


S-Sensuality, Sexuality, Social life

All the nine planets in Indian astrology (including the nodes) have distinct qualities, so their effects on our lives are also different and play a significant role to determine our paths of lives. In this article we are talking about the planet Venus. Venus is called the planet of beauty, the jewel of the sky, the planet of love, the planet of luxuries, entertainment and so on. There is no denying the fact that astronomically this is the most beautiful and brightest celestial object, next to only the Sun and the Moon, therefore it is natural to name it after Goddess of love and beauty. It is also known as the morning and evening star because at sun rise it appears in the east and at the sun set it appears in the west. Venus and earth are close together and similar in size which is the reason Venus is called earth’s sister planet.

In Indian astrology, Venus is known as SHUKRA and has its domain on Friday. Hindu mythology describes Shukra as the son of the great sage – Bhrigu. Sage Bhrigu himself taught his son all the spiritual sciences and Vedic scriptures. Shukracharya is the one who founded Shilpashastra (Architecture),Vimanas (Airships), and Jyotish ( astrology). Shukracharya is also known as the teacher of demons who taught this science to Rahu, Ketu, and Shani. So as planet Jupiter is the Guru of gods, planet Venus Is called Guru of Demons whose ruling colour is white.

Astrologically, when we talk about the traits of this planet, Venus is karaka of beauty, love and fertility. It is associated with the principle of harmony, balance, feeling and affection and the urge to unite with others. It is involved with the desire for pleasure, sensuality, personal possessions, comfort and ease. It governs romantic relations, marriage, business partnership, sex, art, drama, music, cinema, fashion and social life. Hotels, good food, vehicles, painting, poetry, singing and all the luxurious things in life are the domain of this planet.

In kalpurush kundali Venus rules the 7th house of marriage and partnership; he is the lord of Taurus and Libra rashi. Venus exalts in the Jupitarian sign- Pisces, and debilitates in Mercurian sign- Virgo. In Male’s horoscope Venus is the karaka of wife and semen. An exalted Venus gives beautiful wife with fine tastes.

No doubt a strong Venus in the horoscope enriches the native with beauty, arts, love, knowledge, conjugal happiness, wealth, physical beauty and all the materialistic pleasures in life. The most important thing it gives a good moral character to the native. But a weak Venus placed in inauspicious house and having the malefic influence can create havoc in the person’s life. He will be lustful, devoid of strength with venereal diseases, his character may be questioned and this way he can lose the reputation and bring the bad name for himself as well as for his family.

However, to get the divine blessings from this planet one must donate – white flower, curd, silver, white chandan, sugar, rice, and white cow and recite this Mantra-

Om Dram Drim Drom sah Shukray Namah 108 times.



R- Revolutionary mindset

A- Awful, gives awareness

H- Hallucinations, hypnotism, and hidden

U- Unexpected, unrecognized diseases.

While assessing a horoscope if we don’t consider the role of the nodes- Rahu and Ketu, efforts are a waste. Since these nodes have not been assigned the ruler ship of any house, are generally ignored by some of our esteemed astrologers, but these very nodes have the potential of dynamite- either so called for good and bad. Before we come to the conclusion let us first consider the nature of the planet Rahu In this article.

Rahu comes from the sanskrit word “Rah” means hide – that refers to what is secret, mysterious and profound. Rahu is the luck factor behind instant success or failure. Rahu is supposed to be the naughty though mighty child of Maya which is not only illusion- but also any magical power or force or captivating knowledge that can be capable to turn the life of a person like the wheel of fortune for the best or the worst.

‘Rahu Naam Vipritam’- Rahu can be compared with a coin having two sides with opposite nature- Rahu represents criminals and at the same time represents detective who pursues the criminal, Rahu is the force acting through a healer, who cures the diseases which Rahu itself signifies. So an important duality is attached to Rahu – Poison neutralizing poison that must be understood.

Rahu is called a shadowy planet, a chaya graha, as it loves all kinds of shadowy activities. It is the ruler of the artificial lighting as it tries to imitate Sun, so all types of photography used by television and cinema, are part of Rahu’s influence. It is the planet of creativity and inspiration and is responsible for the information technology i.e. the internet and the World Wide Web as it signifies foreigners and combined activities.

Rahu is the planet of intuition, and may be called the master of manipulation. Rahu can be considered to be expert among the planets when it comes to scheming and plotting that is why it can be said to be the better politician than Saturn. Rahu is the luck factor behind instant success or failure, its result both good and bad manifests in such an unexpected manner that the native involved hardly has any time to react to the situation.

Rahu is supposed to maintain friendly relationship with Mercury, Venus and Saturn. It is neutral towards Jupiter and Mars, and maintains enmity with Sun and Moon. According to the ancient Vedic system, nature has three major gunas- rajasic, satavic, and tamasic. Rahu can function in all the three modes. Rahu gives prosperity when functions in a rajasic mode, Rahu gives knowledge and wisdom when functions in a satavic mode, Rahu gives inertia, inactivity, demonic tendencies and destruction when functions in tamasic mode. Rahu likes the night time – this is probably the reason why most criminals choose night time for their activities.

As it has not been assigned the ruler-ship of any houses, Rahu takes the traits of the sign in which it is posited or with whom it is posited. So the signification of Rahu follows directly from its nature and disposition.

When Rahu combines Venus- sexual offences and deviation are the results.

Rahu with Mars – brutality, revolution, insensitivity and ruthlessness.

Rahu with Saturn- excessive rigidity and orthodoxy, unnecessary tortures.

Rahu with Jupiter -religious bigotry, misuse of position and authority, excessive materialism.

Rahu with Sun- self aggrandizement, power and control games, fascination for the unusual.

Rahu with Moon- fear and phobia, emotional and psychological disturbances.

Rahu with Mercury- lying, deceit, trickery, harmful intent, versatility, quickness of thoughts and communication ability.

It is generally seen that the house where this planet is posited gets highlighted and the native usually experiences a certain degree of luck or unusual happening as far as its signification is concerned. In this topic we will discuss Rahu’s role placed in 4th house with Venus in its debilitation, in Sagittarius and involve in Kaal Sarpa dosha.

The native started Rahu major period when he was 18 years old, because of its association with Venus, the native played the role of revolutionary throughout the Rahu mahadasa, only to fulfill his strong urge for comfort and luxury. It made him the slave of his own desires and promoted greed and deceit to gain his own ends. This is primarily materialistic placement which assures success in Venusian pursuits that also proved that sex is the root of everything. As this combination takes place in 4th house it helped him gain the property but created immense troubles for the mother and disturbed inner peace to the extent that his mother lost her life, and because of Saturn’s placement in the 10th house with Ketu , the native could not put his efforts to establish professionally. He shattered the hopes and the expectations of the parents.

Such is the intensity of this planet, by heart the native is good, can’t even think to harm others , but due to its illusory nature the native was the victim in the hands of this planet, and all the significations connected to the 4th house blown away like a dynamite.

However to calm down the negative effects of the planet, one must recite the following mantra 108 times (one mala) everyday-

‘OmBhram Bhrim Bhraum Sah Rahve Namah’

Wednesday and Saturday are the days assigned to the planet. One must feed the birds with bajra on these days and must worship Goddess Durga every day.



K- Karmas of past life, knowledge

E- Extremes, emancipation, enlightenment

T- Tail, tamas, turmoil

U- Unexpected gains & losses

Ketu as we know, the southern node of Moon, is as dynamic as the planet Rahu. A sudden mystic force which we associate with Rahu, goes with this planet as well. Rahu & Ketu always move in retrograde motion and are always 180 degrees apart from each other. Rahu bestows material prosperity but Ketu’s dimension is different, Ketu makes one go through material adversity.

Ketu is the beginning & end of all things. In Vedic traditions Ketu is directly linked with Lord Ganesha, the first born child of the universe. The word Ketu translates into “the banner “as its main symbol. Sage Parashar says Ketu is akin to Rahu & so most of the names and qualities associated with Rahu apply to Ketu as well. Ancient seers also gave it different names like – Shikhi (one having a tail), Dhawaja (flag) attached to a pole, and tamas (darkness). Ketu governs all the subjects like occult, magic and alchemy etc. It is the significator of our psychic faculties and the phenomena like telepathy, hypnotism etc. Since Ketu is the strong significator of our intuitive powers or the so called “sixth sense”. It represents psychics, tarot card readers, hypnotists and all other people involved in similar professions. Being the planet of the past it is a special significator of ‘past life regression’.

Ketu is a fiery planet like Sun & Mars. It is a planet signifying all types of catastrophes & represents nature’s destructive aspect. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, asteroid hitting earth are all examples of ketu’s energy at work. Ketu has a religious side to it like Jupiter and Sun so it signifies all places of religion & occult significance. A strong Ketu in the chart gives visionary power, awareness & a great level of insight.

Like Mars, Ketu behaves like a military man who inflicts extreme torture on an enemy soldier in the name of war and patriotism. In its other aspect it also produces individuals like Mother Teresa who highlight the other extremes like selfless service. Adolf Hitler has Ketu in his third house (prakaram bhava), while Mother Teresa has Ketu in her Twelfth house (moksha bhava).

Ketu is a cosmic force which represents the beginning and ending of our existence. We can term it as malefic, demonic or even evil, but the fact is that this force displays all the possibilities and extremes within the realm of existence. It is, we can say, a benefic force which represents the cycle of birth & death.



S- self analyzing

A- administrative

T- tolerance

U- undaunted understanding

R- righteousness

N- non attachment

There have been innumerable discussions about the most dreaded planet ‘SATURN’. People are scared when they come to know that their Saturn dasha is about to start or they are undergoing the Sade Sati or Dhaiya of Saturn. There is no doubt that Saturn is called a malefic planet, who as a judge takes control of our Karmic actions. He is a slow task master, who gives the results very slowly. He has got tedi (vakri) drishti which is supposed to have evil effects wherever it rests.

SATURN = SA+TURN as the name suggests- turns the things around and brings adversities. There is no denying the fact that due to its malefic nature it harms the native whenever it’s Dasa or Antardasa comes. In its positive plane it makes the person Karma oriented & makes life clear as a crystal. “As you sow so shall you reap.” This planet takes away from you the most desirable things of your life, gives you setbacks, but at the same time puts you on the right path, gives you self realization. If you follow the right path, this planet confers on you all the happiness & fills your life with abundance.

In this topic we will discuss Saturn’s role in the horoscopes and how this planet works for Aries & Taurus ascendant people. In Aries ascendant, Saturn owns two houses 10th (karamsthan) &11th house (labhsthan). The 11th house from any moveable ascendants is the Badhaka Sthana and the lord of this house is called Badhakadhipati (an obstructing force). Hence, the role of Saturn for Aries ascendant is not good. Saturn gets exalted in Venus sign- Libra and is debilitated in Mars sign Aries. Saturn casts its aspect on 3rd, 7th, & 10th houses.

In Taurus ascendant, Saturn becomes a Yoga Karak planet. A planet which is lord of Kendra Sthan and also of a Trikona Sthan (because of the dual lordship of the houses) becomes Yogakarak by itself, and confers good results in its Dasa and Antardasa. In Taurus ascendant, Saturn owns two houses the 9th( Lakshmi) sthan and 10th( Vishnu) sthan. Being Yogakarak, if it is placed in kendra sthan from lagna, it gives good results concerning that bhava. For example, in Taurus ascendant, if the Yogakari Saturn is placed in 7th house, it enhances the good results of this bhava. The spouse belongs to a good family with high ideals and principals in life. From 7th bhava it aspects the lagna from its 7th aspects, hence fortifies lagna, it casts its 3th aspect on the 9th house, since it is its own house, it gives good results concerning to 9th house. If any other planet is placed in the 9th house, Saturn offers extremely good results through that planet. Also, whenever Dasa and Antardasa arrive of that planet, Saturn aspects its 10th aspect on 4th house and if any planet is positioned there that planet is also fortified.

Lord Krishna’s horoscope is the best example in this context. The immortal Bhagvadgita, preached by the Lord, when Arjuna became uncertain about his duty,Krishna’s sermons inspired the moral and spiritual thought and actions of innumerable persons and offered solutions to their problems. He showed the way to do the things and to do one’s duty by being non-attached and further illustrated this in His own life.

With this analysis of the planet Saturn, we sum up that we should not be scared whenever there is dasa or antardasa, rather we should prepare ourselves with the inherent qualities which this planet has as the karmic controller of all the human beings on this earth. It is endowed with the power to punish or reward according to our karmas.

However, to ward off the evil effects of sade sati or dhaiya, we should chant this mantra with great devotion on every Saturday‘- Om Sham Shaneshcharay Namah’, and do japa of 10 names of Saturn everyday-

‘OmKonasthaye Namah’

‘OmRaudratamkay Namah’

‘OmYamay Namah’

‘OmBabharve Namah’

‘OmManday Namah’

‘OmPipplaye Namah’

‘OmPinglaye Namah’

‘OmShaneshcharaye Namah’

‘OmSaurye Namah’

‘Omkrishnaye Namah’

‘Omchayaatamjaye Namah’