Effects of Evil Eye and Its Remedies

Effects of Evil Eye and Its Remedies

Small beautiful and active children are centre of attraction in the family and are often victims of evil eye. Many a times, even men, women and middle aged are affected due to evil eye. Even home, shop and business are seen facing turbulences due to the effects of evil eye. Besides this, some people seclude themselves and stop taking their meals and fluids required for body, due to the negative influences of evil eye. Here are given some Tona totkas / Remedies to cast off evil effects of all these things. You can follow these totkas / Remedies and can get rid of the pains and turbulences caused by the evil eye.

Remedies to remove the impact of Evil Eyes

1. The effect of eye is removed, if Pomegranate banda is worn according to the principles mentioned in shastras in Jyestha Nakshatra.

2. On Saturday, raw milk should be rotated around the head of evil eye affected person for seven times. It will cast off its effects.

3. If an affected person takes three Gomati chakras and rotates it seven times around the head in a deserted place and throw them at the backside and come back home without looking back, in future also one won’t get evil eye.

4. Make nine beads out of black turmeric. Make a garland by putting them in black thread. Wear this garland in the neck after purifying it by the smoke of dhoop or google. This is an effective remedy for casting off the negative influences caused by inauspicious planets, brahm dosha, tona tolkas, evil eye and other evil influences.

5. Sew a coconut in black cloth and hang it outside the house. The house will be protected by evil eye and ill fate.

6. Make a ‘hole’ in yellow ‘kodi’ and make a small child wear it, as; it will protect the child from evil eye.

7. Tie a yellow kodi with black thread on the door frame of a newly constructed house. It saves the house from evil eye as well as other bad influences.

8. A piece of coral should be tied in the neck of the child on Tuesday. It will save the child from evil effects.

9. If your business is affected due to the evil eye, take 11 Gomati Chakras which are purified by mantras and three small coconuts. Tie them in yellow cloth and hang it on the main entrance door.

10. Take a small piece of whole alum. Rotate it 31 times in the shop which is affected by evil eye, and then throw it outside in the North Direction where four roads meet. Without looking back, return to the shop, it will help to cast off the influences caused by the evil eye.

11. Mix Sandal, Rock Salt, Kootbach, oil, Ghee and fat. Make dhoop out of these items & light it. Show the smoke of this dhoop to children. It removes the bad effects.

12. Take red chillies and rotate them around the head of the child three times and throw them into the fire. It also helps to remove its bad effects.

13. If the fruit of Reetha is tied in the neck of the child, it will protect the child from evil eye.

14. Take seven small pieces from an old cloth. After rotating it seven times around the neck of a child, burn them in the fire. It destroys the effects of evil eye.

15. Take some mustard seeds, salt, wheat flour and seven whole red chillies. Rotate them seven times around the head of the effected person, and evil eye will be destroyed.

16. Take desi alum and mustard seeds. Rotate them seven times around the head of the deceased child and throw them in the fire where food is cooked. This process should be done three times a day. The child will come out from the effects of evil eye and will gain health.

17. Make a deep of cow dung. Put a small piece of jaggery, oil and cotton wick in this deep. Light it and keep it in the centre of the door. It will help to cast off the evil effects of the house.

18. If the food gets the effect of evil eye, in that case, put each item from cooked food on a leaf and sprinkle some Gulal over it. After that, leave it at the place where four roads meet. Evil eye will be removed.

19. On Tuesday, go to Hanuman Temple. Take some Sindur from Lord’s shoulder and put it on the effected person. Evil effects will be removed.

20. Put some red chillies, ajwain and yellow mustard in a small earthen pot and burn it. Show this smoke to the affected child. Immediately evil effect will be removed.

21. Take a beetle leaf. Put seven petals of red rose in it. Give it to eat to the evil eye affected person. That person will come out of the effects of the evil eye.

22. Put some raw milk at the root of any big tree growing near the house. Light a rose aggarbatti. Evil eye will be removed.

23. Put a garland around the neck of an affected child which has Panchmukhi, Rudraksha, Dhundhachi, Silver Moon, & Copper Sun in a black thread.

24. Make a deep of wheat flour, burn a wick made of black thread. Put two red chillies in this deep and rotate the deep around the affected person.

25. Make the affected person sit in the middle of the door. Rotate some sea salt and clay around that person.

26. To get rid of the evil effects of a person who stops eating food, make a trikona on the floor or on the table with water and keep food thali on it. It will remove the effects of the evil eye.


Gemstone – Crystal

Gemstone – Crystal

Crystall (Sphatik) are basically known as Sphatik. Crystall is a semi precious stone but is considered as a mani(precious) stone. Crystall is a stone which is always cool like an ice and is the right way of identifying a crystall, it is transparent, lustrous and smooth stone. Normally Sphatik(crystal) is used for reducing the negativities of surroundings. Crystall is also considered a stone of Goddess laxmi so doing japa through Crystall is also considered auspicious.Regular worship of Crystall statues brings good luck, happiness and prosperity. According to scriptures, Crystall is the purest material available on earth to make god idols. Riddhi Siddhi is proud to offer authentic Crystall products at most reasonable costs.We being the wholeseller of Crystall items we have our own workers working for us, we specialize in some exclusive Crystall items ranging more than 500gms God idols and lingams and shree yantra, specially Crystall shree yantra and shivling are considered to be the most auspicous having it at home or offices or counter. Rudrapuja has a Potential of supplying and taking orders of providing some of the rarest Crsytall items i.e Shivlingams, Lingams and Shree Yantras of big Size and in large Quantity to Various Ashrams and religious trust to worship in the temple.

Crystal Therapy & Chakra Balancing

Crystalshave been used down through history for healing, personal reflection and meditation.Crystalswork well with the human energy field, they can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. When the body is unwell or diseased it is usually because the person has in some way, lost their balance/natural rhythm. Working with crystalline energy helps the body to find that natural rhythm again.


Benefits of Crystal Therapy

Crystal Therapy gives you the time to step out of the hustle and bustle of every day life. It gives you some valuable time for yourself. Whilst receiving healing you may experience a sense of deep relaxation and well being. When the body is relaxed the immune system works more efficiently. Relaxation also aids in the relief of stress.Crystalscan help with a number of conditions and situations. Crystal Therapy gives you time to connect to your place of inner peace and healing.

Crystal Healing is a therapy which is non invasive and can be used in conjunction with a number of other therapies and orthodox medicine.


Crystalswork in a subtle way to unblock psychic and physical energy. Imagine for a moment how heavy you feel when you are depressed. Now, translate this to an energetic level by imagine how slow and dense your energy is at such times. The high vibration of crystals raises the vibrations of other life forms in their vicinity. Thus, if you are feeling depressed and hold amber, citrine, or a Herkimer diamond, the energy of these stones charges your aura and can help to lift your own vibration frequency above the level of depression.


Crystalsare known fir their power to enertize and have been used as a healing cure for thousands of years. Leaded Feng Shui Crsytal Spheres can either slow down fast moving Chi or can activate Chi. Feng Shui Crystals are typically used in windows to transmute the Shar Chi entering your home from the street. They can also be used in an entryway or long hallway to slow down the energy. The size crystal ball you choose is dependant on the size of the ailment and the amount of energy you are trying to transmute.


Crystalsare the beautiful minerals and stones found in the earth. Apart from being so catchy, beautiful and adorning the place; they have the magical property to heal us on the subtle level. It converts the negative energies to positive ones, hence, are used in Vaastu and Fengshui.


They help in removing the negativity in mind and in aura in-turn improving the physical health.


Crystalsare found in different varieties and all have their unique qualities to heal different parts of the body.


Amazonite – Is used for improving self expression, communication, develops confidence and improves leadership qualities. It also enhances psychic skills.

Amber – is used for cure imbalances in nervous system and for overall detoxification of body. It also reduces disturbed energy along with bringing clarity to mind.

Amethyst – reduces restlessness, irritation and worries. Good for meditation.

Aquamarine – helps relieving suppressed expressions which brings diseases. It also helps in reducing infections and inflammation.

Black tourmaline – effective to help heal tinnitus.

Blood stone – balances heart chakra and base chakra. Also improves overall blood circulation.

Blue Lace Agate- helps to release unexpressed pressured energy.

Camelian – is useful when physical functions are disturbed due to emotional stress. Good for creative people as it enhances creativity.

Celesite – extremely good mineral for meditation. Relaxes at deepest level, makes you light and happy and make you intuitive.

Chrysocolla – enhances creative expression, brings clarity to mind and makes you calm and cool.

Citrine – comes in brown, orange and yellow colours. Brown and orange Citrine crystals enhance creativity and balances sacral chakra. Yellow Citrine Crystal is good for solar plexus. Along with balancing the chakra, it also improves digestion, confidence, diminishes anxiety pessimism and calms a person.

Clear white crystals – have property to amplify the aura along with clearing and purifying it.

Corundum – good for solar plexus and crown chakra enhances higher level of consciousness.

Emerald – great for meditation gives relief from hidden fears and detoxifies the body.

Fire Opal – revitalizes when you feels exhausted, tired of the situation or feel withdrawn.

Flourite -brings orderliness.

Garnet – used to energize the body overall.

Hematite – brings awareness back to body and help us live in present.

Iron pyrites – this mineral is used to reduce anxiety causes digestive problems.

Jade – gives all over balance of mind, body and soul.

Kenzite – an excellent protector of heart chakra. Sensitive people get hurt easily and emotions get stuck to heart. Kenzite is used to remove this negative feeling.

Kyanite – ideal for meditation as it brings concentration, stillness and calmness to mind.

Lapiz Lazuli – A rare and beautiful mineral excellent for meditation. Activates throat chakra and agya chakra. It will make you expressive and extrovert. Use of this crystal is highly recommended for people working in public facing roles, for example teachers, singers, sales person etc can significantly improve their expression performance.

Lodestone – releases electromagnetic field which is formed by using electronic instruments like computer etc. Keeping this stone near your instrument can reduce its effect. It is good for those who become tired easily.

Magnite – has the property to release stress and tension and align chakras.

Moonstone – relieves cramps or PMT balances lymphatic system – for immunity and improves digestive system.

Moss Agate – brings relief when there is tightness in chest and/or breathing difficulties.

Obsidian – The deep down disturbed energy first surfaced up and then released by the use of this stone.

Red Coral – is used to balance emotions. It also increases enthusiasm and practicality.

Red Jasper -this stone gives good result when the base/root chakra is to be energized. It also helps to take practical and down to earth solutions/approaches to problem solving.

Rhodocrosite – helps in easing negativity caused due to anxiety, lack of self worth or confidence, digestive, reproductive, sexual and fertility problems.

Rhodonite –converts the negative energy from stress of resentment, lack of worth and, anger aggression to positive energy.

Rose Quartz – reduces unsolved emotional stress and increases feeling of love and harmony.

Rubellite/Tourmaline – great for people with aggression developed because of fear or nervousness. This helps them to calm down.

Ruby – balances the heart chakra and circulation of blood and improves the emotions in positive way. It also increase confidence, self esteem, enhances trust in our abilities to achieve our goals and relationship with others.

Rutilated quartz – when there is blockage in pathways of nerves or meridians, or damage in tissues, this gives good result.

Selenite – helps in easing tension & pressure caused when passing through repetitive negative thoughts.

Smoky quartz – an excellent tool for meditation as it stabilizes mind and body.

Sodalite – good for students as it promotes understanding of ideas and concepts. Also good for people within creative field.

Spinel – detoxifies the body.

Sugillite – helps to balance nervous system.  Prevents you from being a loner.

Topaz – extremely useful when there is disturbance of any kind around you and emotions get volatile.

Turquoise – has strengthening and supporting effect on thymus gland which deals with immune system.

Zircon – decreases the feeling of loneliness and depression


Baglamukhi Homam

Baglamukhi Homam

Obstacles in your progress…

In one person’s progress, enemies are the biggest obstacle. If enemies are general or common, they don’t give major setbacks, but if enemies are big they can even becomes the dangerous for one’s life. Many kinds of enemies are existing in one’s life. Sometimes they are existing in our business or sometime in our social circle.

Hidden Enemies…

If you have any other hidden enemies then they will also harm you in many ways and will create difficulties and obstacles in your way of progress. Many times enemies are taking the help of occult arts to harm you. They do not even bother to see that how much occult art will damage you, they are just concern about their gain which they will get by hurting you. And, these occult arts from your enemies are more dangerous then them (enemies). These occult arts harming you mentally, physically and economically. Many times it affects you in terms of major illness and accidents.

Competitors could be the enemy…

Remember, enemies are not only those with whom we are sharing ill-feelings or personal disharmony; in-fact, they could be those with whom we are having competition in college, office, social status or business, so we are making enemies by showing them victories in our own life.

Baglamukhi Homam for total PROTECTION…

By given reference, we can say the people who are having enemies are not safe at any place and it is very important to get rid off from these hidden enemies. In order to save our visitors from these unavoidable enemies we have arranged ‘Baglamukhi Homam’. Bagalamukhi homam is performed to destroy evil spirits, overcome enmity, remove obstacles, protect oneself from malefic influences etc. The homa is performed with the chanting of the Bagalamukhi mantra. The Homam will be performed by one our panel of Vedic priests and the prasadam along with the Youtube link of the Yagna, will be shipped to you.

Goddess Baglamukhi…

The seventh conversion of Sati is Baglamukhi, who is the symbol of the victory over Maya (fascination), Moh (emotion) and bharam (illusion). According to the one of mythological story:

Once upon a time, it was a fierce storm; Lord Vishnu was very scared about the horrific outcomes of the storm. When he did not find any remedy to save people from it, he started praying to the Aadi Bhawani to make her happy near Haridra Sarovar. The Aadi Bhawani was happy with Lord Vishnu’s accomplishment and appeared in front of him as Goddess Baglamukhi. She has cooled down the storm and since then Goddess Baglamukhi is fulfilling all the desires of her devotees.

Goddess Baglamukhi is containing the brightness of the Lord Vishnu and that is why she is also called Vaishnavi. She was revealed on the Tuesday containing Chaturdashi. She is infallible remedy for her devotees to help them out from the Daiveeya Prakop (Divine Wrath), demolishing the enemies, wealth and peace. This practice on the basis on importance and it can be used for the enjoyment or for salvation. By practicing this one can achieve unachievable things in lifetime.


Navagrah Remedies and Tuchka

Treatment From Navagrah Pain

In today’s time, everyone is distressed owing to some or the other reason. The reason for these distresses or problems depends upon the different planetary positions. We can get rid of our problems if we are able to know the cause of our problems emanates from which planet and we can try to placate that particular planet by applying simple remedies and easily eliminate that problem. WE can identify the flaw or defects and get rid of them by treating them as given under:

Planet Sun (Surya)

To safeguard yourself from the torment of planet Sun apply the remedies given below -

1. For 11 Sundays eat only curd and rice.

2. For 11 Sundays offer red flower on the photo or idol of Lord Ganesh.

3. Do not consume salt on Sunday.

4. Chant Surya Mantra, “Om Granhi Suryaya Namah” and also recite“Aditya Hriday Strotam”.

5. Anoint (rudrabhishek) the Lingam and recite “Surya Kavach”.

6. Donate seven types of crops – wheat, rice, gram, urad, moong, masoor and til (sesame), every month on the day of Sankranti.

7. Mix red sandlewood powder and saffron in water and offer it to Sun and recite Gayatri Mantra every day.

Planet Moon (Chandra)

To safeguard yourself from the torment of planet Moon apply the remedies given below –

1. Drink water from a silver utensil. Worship Lord Shiva every day and offer milk and water on the Lingam.

2. Pour milk on Acacia (Babool) tree on every Monday.

3. Make a Lingum of 5 elements and worship it.

4. Do not consume milk after sunset. Observe a fast on the Mondays falling in Pradosh and Shrawan.

5. Recite Shiv Chaalisa every day.

6. Chant one wreath (mala) of “Om Namah Shivay” on regular basis. The wreath should be made of Rudraksha.

7. Keep 5 or 2 mouthed Rudraksha
in your temple and worship it every day. Along with that, make a wreath of 108 pieces of 5 mouthed Rudraksha or 11 pieces of 2 mouthed Rudraksha and wear it in your neck.

8. Observe a fast on full moon (Poornima) and chant the Moon mantra “Om So Somaya Namah”.9. Recite the Durga Kavach. Also chant the Mahamrutuyanjay mantra. Reciting the Lalita Sahashtranama also benefits.

Planet Mars (Mangal)

To safeguard yourself from the torment of planet Mars apply the remedies given below –

1. Put red flowers in flowing water.

2. Hear or read Durga Saptashati.

3. Consume Basil leaves and black pepper.

4. Drink water from a copper glass or vessel.

5. Worship Lord Ganesh every day on a regular basis.

6. Surely consume jaggery (gur) and masoor pulses on Tuesday.

7. Observe fast for 21 days for Lord Ganesh.

8. Recite the Mangal (Mars) Mantra “Om Ang Angarkay Namah” and observe a fast on Tuesday.

9. Worship Lord Hanuman and recite Bajrang Baan. On the day of Pradosh, anoint (rudrabhishek) the Lingam and observe Pradosh (vrat) fast.

10. Install the Mars (Mangal ) Yantra and worship it every day.

Planet Mercury (Budh)

To safeguard yourself from the torment of planet Mercury apply the remedies given below –

1. Put a green cardamom (ilaichi) in flowing water on Wednesday.

2. Observe fasting for 11 Wednesdays and 11 Ekadashies.

3. On every Wednesday, donate milk to at least one Brahmin in a temple.

4. Surely worship Lord Ganesh.

5. Chant Budh Mantra, “Om Bra Brei Bron Sa Buddhay Namah”. Recite Vishnu Sahashtranaam.

6. Serve Basil (Tulsi), i.e., plant Basil in a pot and water it every day with fresh and pur water. Worship Saaligraam.

7. Recite Gopal Sahashtranaam and Ram Raksha Strotam.


Kaalsarp Yoga And Puja-Remedies

Kaalsarp Defects And Prevention


Experts of Kaal-sarp yog say that people suffering from this yog are unsuccessful in all wakes of life but in reality, it is not so. Yes, it is imperative for them to work hard to get success in life and they get unexpected success. Late Shri Jawaharlal Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhi are apparent examples.

If, in the horoscope of a person, all the planets come between Rahu & Ketu then it is Kaalsarp defect. If Rahu gobbles up all the planets then it is emerged defect and if Ketu gobbles up planets then it is submerged kaalsarp defect. In whatever sense (bhaav) Rahu is in, according to that the person has to face difficulties and problems. Some suffer from physical, social, economic or even family problems.

Some people believe that if Kaapsarp yog is present in father’s kundli then the child also suffers from kaalsarp yog. But it is not so always and if the same is appeased within a certain timeframe then the probability of the child suffering from it decreases. In the situation of Kaalsarp defect, the person has to face more problems during the Mahadasha and antar-dasha of Rahu and Ketu. A special remedy to correct the Kaalsarp defect is done at Trayambkeshwar. But if it is not possible to go there then on any jyotirling or even at home, the given remedy could be done to get rid of the problems arising out of kaalsarp defects:-

1. Worship Lord Shiva and do rudrabhishek and every morning and evening chant 108 times either ‘Om Namah Shivay’ or the Mahamrutunjaya mantra.
2. Offer snake made out of silver or gold on to the Shivling as per rituals and sacraments.
3. Donate food grains equal to your weight to the Brahmins.
4. Install kaalsarp yog yantra in the house after observing proper rituals and worship it every day.
5. Chant Mahamrutunjaya mantra 1,25,000 times.
6. Chant Batukbhairav mantra 1,25,000 times.
7. Donate things associated with Rahu, like-black lenils, black mustard, black cloth blanket etc.
8. Wear ring made out of gold, silver or eight metals.
9. Wear rudraksh string around the neck.
10. Wear kaalsarp yantra around the neck.
11. Observe fast on Naagpanchami, Mahashivratr and if he above measures are taken on either Mahashivratri, Naagpanchami, Monday of Shrawan month or on Somwaari Amavasya then the result is quick and best.