Maha Shivaratri Pooja At Home

Maha Shivratri
Maha Shivratri  is the Great Night of Lord Shiva.  It is said that on this very day Lord Shiva get married with Goddess Parvati.  So on this auspicious day, eternal union of Shiva took place with Shakti. Shiva is the representation of primeval energy.  With Shakti, Lord Shiva is creator.  As Mahakaal He is destroyer. On the night of Mahashivratri Lord Shiva is said to have revealed the Tandava, the dance of primordial conception, preservation, sustenance and destruction.  Lord Shiva has Various attributes.  He is Mahayogi.  He is Chandrashekhar.   He is originator of the Ganga. He is the one and only Aghora who understands the Tantra (technique) of this cosmos.  He is Mahadeva.

Any devotee, who worships Mahadeva on the eve of Mahashivaratri with dedication and devotion, lord Shiva becomes happy and grants his devotee the desired fruits in his life.   Therefore on this auspicious day everyone should worship Lord Shiva with great devotion for getting rid of problems and obstacle in any walk of life.

Puja Items: Requirements for Shivratri Puja

Shivalinga or an image, or idol of Lord Shiva.
Bilwa (Bael) Leaves
Aguru (holy perfume),
Vibhuti/Bhasm (sacred ash made using dried cow dung), Rudraaksha Mala (prayer beads made of the dark berries of Elaeocarpus ganitrus, to chant Om Namah Shivaya),
Akshata (uncooked rice)
Incense sticks,
Fresh flowers including Dhatura Phool
Earthen lamp (Diya or Deepak)
Jal Patra of Bronze, Copper or Brass ( Lota or container filled with holy water)
For abhishek make available Water (for purity), Milk (for the blessing of purity and piousness), Yogurt (for prosperity and progeny), Honey (for sweet speech), Ghee (for victory), Sugar (for happiness)

Arrange one Bell.
When and How to do Maha Shivaratri Pooja At Home

Keep fasting or do Phalaahar and in the evening around 8 PM take ritual bath, using warm water and seeds of black sesame. It is a popular belief that by bathing in warm water, with few seeds of black sesame, the body is purified.
Wear new clothes.
Sit on Aasan or woolen blanket
Purify yourself and around you with Mantra and water.
Smear bhasma (holy ash) on forehead.
Wear purified Rudraksha Mala.
Lit Deepak, Dhoop and Incense sticks.
Do Abhishek of Shivalinga with milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee, sugar and water. These six items are necessary for abhishek on  Shivaratri.
Offer Aaka Flower Garland.
Offer Flower like Dhatura, Aaka etc.
Thereafter, while making sound from Bell,  offer Bilwa leaves to Lord Shiva (or Linga) and chant mantra with great devotion for at least 108 times – ‘Om Namah Shivaya’.  11 Mala (i.e. 11 x 108 = 1188 times) Chanting is also recommendable.

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