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Correction of Geopathic stress

Correction of Geopathic stress Correcting geopathic disturbances is not always difficult and complicated, although sometimes it can be. The first and simplest solution is to try moving the bed or desk to a different place. Sometimes people’s health and well-being improves dramatically from this one simple measure. It is not a good idea to place [...]

Detecting Geopathic Stress

Detecting Geopathic Stress Although some people may be aware that a place does not feel right, most people would not suspect geopathic stress. Sometimes there may be only a general feeling of unease and dissatisfaction, but if there are more definite health problems, and especially if they do not respond to treatment, it is worth [...]

Effects of Geopathic stress

Effects of Geopathic stress Children or Bachelor lists indicators of sleeping in a geopathic zone: 1) Not wanting to go to bed. 2) Insomnia. 3) Restlessness and nightmares. 4) Avoidance of certain parts of the bed. 5) Sleepwalking. 6) Feeling cold. 7) Tired and not refreshed by sleep. 8) Vomiting or depressed appetite in the [...]

What causes Geopathic Stress Lines ?

What causes Geopathic Stress Lines ? The earth has a natural magnetic field; it acts as though it has a large magnet at its center. The rotation of the earth creates electric currents in the molten metals found within the earth’s core, thereby producing a magnetic field. When the earth’s magnetic field is disturbed, either [...]

Geopathic stress symptoms

Geopathic stress symptoms Geopathic stress acts differently upon different people, so no one list is going to be definitive for everyone. There are many telltale signs of Geopathic Stress. There are however no conditions that can be exclusively attributed to Geopathic Stress, so the only way to be sure that stress lines are there is [...]